Friday, July 8, 2011

Here Fishy, Fishy!

Every month Yeti Coolers has a photo contest. I felt sure with these pics, Chris would win a new cooler. Can you believe they didn't win or place? I am shocked! LOL!

The girls love all outdoor activities. Thank the Lord the are tomboys since Chris never had a boy. This weekend is Spring Ho in Lampasas. It is our annual summer festival. I used to love it but now that I am older, I can't handle the heat. Man, I am getting old! he he! My brother and sister are coming over for the weekend. We will swim all weekend and visit. I love my family!

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  1. My parents live on the river and I've been a fishin' gal since my bitty years! I throw them back though. Don't even like fish! Crazy! Can't believe hubs didn't even place with those babes! Whoa! And after our barn sale, mind if I stop in to swim? Ha! Sounds heavenly! Have a wonderful weekend, girlie!