Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Must Have Before School

Today we went to a bead store and had lessons on how to bead a necklace. It was fun and we bought lots of fun beads. I decide to start making beads for the girls because they love fun necklaces and I refuse to pay $30 for one necklace. We have decided we are going to sell them to make money to buy more beads. It is fun! Pink/Purplicous
Taking orders from Sissy

While we were gone Raider got his 1st haircut. He looks so different.

Is it Bougey? Oh no, it's Raider!

Flower Power
I think this one is a must have for the first day of school! Love it!

Zebra Mix

What do you think of our work? I am making one to match the girls vintage lucy shirts. too cute!We have lots more to bead but I had to take a break. Kyli was driving me crazy!! I am selling the necklaces for $20 (includes shipping).
This little boy is so precious!

Poor thing is worn out!

Today was fun! Mom went with us to Georgetown and then we came home and played with beads. I just knew it was going to rain so we didn't go to the pool since it was cloudy. I am still praying for the rain we so desperately need. Please say a pray for rain too! We are so dry here in TX!

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  1. The necklaces are just adorable!!! I love the flower one.