Monday, July 18, 2011

Kyli and Kenna's Etsy Shop

My daughters love to make things. They love paint, scrapbook paper and most of all beads! For a while now they have been making necklaces and bracelets with the small beads. I decide to buy them larger beads when I saw Addi's newest necklace. I showed the girls some ways to make a necklace and they took off................ Kenna's 1st necklace
Doesn't this look like something you get on etsy?

We use the elastic string so the girls can undo all the knots and restring a different necklace to go with a different outfit.

1st set of beads

Kyli is obsessed with zebra so I am always telling her that not all things go with zebra

Placing beads in the order they want them

Finished product. Do you see both necklaces have zebra?

Kenna made this one to match a dress she wore to church. I love the colors! We just cut off the extra stretchy string.

We need to get more beads. The girls are loving this. I am thinking about helping them string on wire and put a clasp on it. But, that could get really expensive cuz they like to make so many. Using the stretchy string is nice cuz I can get the knots out and restring using the different beads they want. Kyli and Kenna want to start and etsy shop to save money for an Ipad. They are crazy. If momma doesn't have and ipad, why in the world would they get one. Crazy girls!

The last three days we have been babysitting Slugger and Schweenie. Two puppies is a LOT of work! Aren't they so cute?

Schweenie napping!

Raider is getting his 1st hair cut tomorrow. I am so sad I have to leave him there. I think me and the girls will head to hobby lobby and get more beads. I am going to teach them how to string it on wire. Maybe they can try to sell them for $15. It won't get them an ipad but it would get them more beads to keep them busy! Summer is quickly fading. Boo Hoo! I am not ready for school!


  1. The girls are doing such a good job on the necklaces...too cute!!! I need to place an order...seriously!!!! And the pic of schweenie's big belly...huge!!!! Love our little pups!! Thanks for babysitting!!!!

  2. They would get along great with Morgan! She is always making something and she wants to sell whatever she makes! :)