Friday, July 29, 2011

I need to go back to work

Every summer i tend to spend way too much money. Chris is ready for me to go back to school. My living room has neutral colors and I am want to add the colors in this mirror. My kitchen, dining(rust color) and living(light tan) is one open area. I am looking to add more of these colors to the living room.

Pier 1 mirrorMy friend just made me this. She makes all sizes. If you are interested in one her number is 512-577-9032. her name is Mikey and she is also a twin. great gifts. She makes all sizes and all colors.
I also just got this canvass of Raider Red. Love it!

Isn't this the cutest necklace. The girls are with friends and i decided to make this for our next bday party we are invited to.

My couch is leather with tan, sage green and brown cloth. I am thinking of ordering some pillows off of etsy. They are all different designs in turqouise, rust, goldish yellow and sage green prints. Anyone have any ideas to help this non-decorating girl out. I sure wish I could meet someone off of DIY or HGTV to come in and redo my house.

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  1. u need to go back to work and i need to get a job!!!! HEHE!!