Saturday, January 15, 2011

Upwards Basketball

I love basketball. It is that time of year again and both girls are participating in Upwards. Upwards is affiliated with the church and it is a way to teach the kids about basketball and Christ. I love it!!!! We pray and have devotions. Some of these kids have never stepped foot in a church. In Upwards they can learn about Jesus.
This is Kenna's first time to play on a team. She did pretty good the first half. She doesn't like anyone looking at her so I am proud she was even on the court. She cried the second half and didn't play. Little stinker!
Kyli did awesome! She scored 12 points. She also played great defense. I am so proud of both of my little smoochies.

Kyli the superstar!
I am in the background yelling! I can't help myself!

Dash (in orange) is Kenna's BFF

What a great day! I am staying home all day in this rainy weather. I am thinking about putting on my pjs and watching Lifetime.
Have a blessed weekend!

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