Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Saturday and Sunday have been cold and rainy. That means lazy at the Davis house. We have managed to get a lot done. After church today we cleaned, wash sheets, quilts and all laundry, cleaned out toy boxes, grocery shopped, walked, watched DIY and HGTV and even watched a Lifetime movie. I love these kinds of weekends.
Deets decided he would jump in bed with Chris and the girls this morning. That is something that I don't allow but I thought who cares today I'll just wash everything. What was I thinking?

After church we polished our nails

Even Triple T(Teenie Tiny Tail) is having a lazy day!
I have this itch to buy new Pottery Barn Bedding for my room. I don't have a reason other than this quilt that Triple T is on has a hole in it thanks to the vaccum and it is two years old and I am kinda tired of it. I just don't know if i want to pay the $ when it is not necessary. I also want to furniture for my room. Mine is rustic and also tired of it. I need to win the lottery or get a better paying job. Not happening anytime soon.
Mine and Brandi's 35th birthday is on Thursday. I'll be a young 35! That's what I keep telling myself, "I am still young."
Kyli loves to plan parties so I can't wait to see what she has planned for me!


  1. buy the bedding, I likey a lot!!!

  2. I'm impressed!! You got a tons done!! I love days like that too! Also, I love Upwards... such a great program! Morgan hasn't done b-ball- we missed sign ups this year, so we're going to try softball, but I definitely want her to try b-ball next year!

  3. You had a MAJOR productive day!!! Your dog is always going to want to be in bed with the girls now!!! :) Glad all is well in your house!

  4. I'm always itching for new house "stuff". So, I try Homegoods, Target...just add a little at a time...praying that my hubs doesn't notice! Ha! :)