Thursday, January 20, 2011

My 35th bday. Oh, Brandi's too!!!!!!!!!

Happy 35th to me and my twinkie Brandi. I have to admit for the last couple of months I have dreded this day. I remember not too long ago that I considered 35 so old. Well, here I am, 35!!!!
Then I had to stop and think how blessed I am. Healthy, happy and alive! Today was a fantastic day. One of my best bdays ever!
Kyli and Kenna giving me bday hugs before schoolMom came to school to help out and she ate lunch with me. When I got home she had my house straightened up and had a party planned for me and Brandi.
Birthday Girls

Isn't this the coolest gift ever. Shelly gave me a D last year for my bday. I thought this would be great for Brandi. She is the girl that has everything, but she didn't have one of these...
thanks Shelly for making the letter for Brandi. You Rock!
All my Texas Tech goodies.
Can you see the cash in the wine glass! woo hoo!

The best mom in the World!

We ate dinner at the Maxican and then headed to Lampasas to go to a visitation for my dear friend, Sophie's, dad. Please pray for her and her family during this time. Sophie is the strongest person I know.
Tomorrow I am meeting my besties for milk and cookies.
Saturday, me and mom are going to Austin to pick up Brandi for a girls' day out. Lots of fun things planned.
Brad Bolm is doing great. He is still out of work but he is on the road to recovery. Thanks for your prayers.
Today so many friends texted, called on posted on FB sweet birthday wishes. I am so blessed! God is so good!


  1. Happy, happy birthday! Honestly, I'm always forgetting my age (35)! I think 40 will be REALLY hard, but then I look at my sis who is 40 and think...hmmm...40 looks pretty good!

    And what a FAB momma you two have! So sweet to plan a little party for you! And I LOVE the B! So NEAT!

    Long story long...Hubs and I started talking about blogging and who my blog friends were. I told him about Brandi and you...and you both (?) went to Texas T. He said that Bob Knight went there after he was here at IU for years. BTW...Purdue grads (us) LOATHE IU! Ha! Now his son is the coach! Jon went to BB camp with his son, Pat. Yes, my hubs is quite proud of that...celebrity status! Ha! Anywhoo...small world!

  2. Looks like you girls had the BEST birthday!! Love the pic of you girls and your mothers!! Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU, my dear friend! Love you!

  3. We had the best birthday ever!!! Love my B!!!!! Talking Tom Cat was the best!!!

  4. Had a great birthday for the sweetest daughters in the world. I love when we get together because we have so much fun. You guys are still such kids at heart & I love that of you. A little spoiled maybe!!!! Ha!!! Anyway, can't wait till tomorrow. More fun!! Yea!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Sandi!