Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My 35th Bday Surprise Party

So my hubby decides to throw me a surprise bday party. He had been planning this since Christmas time. The story leading up to my surprise is so funny......
Brandi had been partying all week with her buds. Shay, Sandy, or Crystal didn't organize anything for me. We always get together for our bdays so I thought they forgot about me. Little did I know because all along they knew about the surprise party.
Man, was I ever surprised when I got home from shopping with mom and Brandi.
Mom and Brandi could of atleast told me to wash and fix my hair and put a little make up before we went shopping!!!!

Lauren, Sophie and me
Jennifer, Michelle and Christina
My Girlfriends

My buddy, Amy
Von, Tara, me, Amy and Carrie
First Grade Team
Besties that DID NOT forgot me!
Shay and Sandy

Kyli drinking a beer! JK!
Mom and me
The party planner and best hubs ever!

Besties Crystal and Sandy

I wish one of my girlfriends would have dressed my kids and fixed their hair too. Rugrats!

My cutie patootie nephew, Nate
My boy!!!!!

Wade and Lauren
Larry, Jay and BIL Rob
Lauren, me and bestie Shelly

Chad and Michelle

Mimi and Pawpaw
Von and Carrie Beth
Shelly and Carrie
Sandy and Bryan
Kurt and Carrie Beth

Shay, Christina and Jennifer

Cool boots from Crystal and Sandy

David and Carrie

Wow! This was the best birthday ever! I am so thankful for Chris, my family and friends for pulling this off. I will never forget this special day! I am so blessed! God is so good!


  1. I think that was so cool!! Way to go Chris!!! Sounds like y'all had tons of fun! Love yo!

  2. HEHEHEHE!!! We sooo surprised you!!

  3. I love your expressions --- what a fabulous group to celebrate with!!!

  4. Hooray to your hubs! Surprises are the BEST! What a wonderful group of friends too! :)