Sunday, December 16, 2012

Little Angels

Today in church the kids sang. I love it when they perform. They are so adorable! Kyli didn't want to participate but KB was all over it.
Gracie was one of my students in first grade. Love her!

 Isn't this little girl adorable!

 Cody(left) is a student of mine. Love him too!

Sweet boys. Reese top left is also a student and son of dear friend, Crystal

 Then there's Dash on the far left. He's presh!

What a blessing all of these children are. I can't help but weep for all the children of Connecticut. Such a horrific tragedy. My heart aches for the whole entire community. Being a first grade teacher is such a rewarding job. I love my students. They are like my babies for 9 months. We become so protective of them. Bless the teachers who lost their lives protecting their babies. I can't not imagine being a parent of those 20 children. I just cry thinking about it. Our country needs to all surrender to God! There is so much evil and hatred in this world. Spread the love of Jesus this holiday! It's the best gift you can give!

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