Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cory and Kayla's Wedding

Two weekends ago Chris' brother, Cory, married Kayla. It was a very small wedding! It was a very fast wedding. We found out two weeks before that they were getting married. Chris and Kyli already had a hunting trip planned so they did not come. KB and I took pics for them.

 KB loves her Pawpaw
 Mimi and KB
 Uncle Cory

 Cory's daughter, Reece

 Cory's wife, Kayla, and sons, Ryker and Raider

 Sure wish Kyli was in this pic
Praying for Cory and Kayla's new marriage. Wishing them many blessings! Tonight is the Kari Jobe concert at my church. I am so pumped!! I love her music! Only 10 days of school before Christmas break!!!!! Woo hoo!


  1. Reese has gotten sooooo big!! Cute little booger!

  2. Reese is so pretty!! Looks like a fun little wedding! Praying for them and their new life together!