Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas with Nanis and Pappy

Today we spent Christmas Eve in DeLeon with my grandparents. 

 My cute grandparents
 Aunt Tracey, Uncle Rocky and Matthew

 Yeah, Color Splashers!!!!

 On the day we get out for Christmas break the girls get to pick a gift and open it. Of course the choose biggest one. It was a CPK and they loved it. I was so thrilled. 

 We had Christmas with my parents on Saturday. It is always crazy chaos but so much fun! The kids love Christmas at Nanis and Pappy's.
 Sharp Grandkids

 Little Snooper

 Brandi got the best Christmas gift of all!

 Her old CPKs. Kenna wrapped them for her and couldn't wait for her to open them. 

 The BEST Nannis and Pappy ever!

 Ethan- 6
 Addi- 6
 Kate -4
 Buckets of FUN!!!!

 Crazy big kids

 My family

 I'm teaching the kids LCR
Such a fun game

Tomorrow we will wake up and have Santa and then head to Fredericksburg for Christmas with Chris' parents. On Thursday we leave for Durango.

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  1. Aw, great pics!!! Nans and Paps are the best ever!!!!!!! Our kids are presh!