Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lovin this Weather!!!!

We are loving this warm weather. I am having spring fever. I want to be out in the sun playing instead teaching 1st graders. I sure could do without the wind though.

Friday, Chris took the girls fishing after school at Revelle Ranch with Trey. I stayed home and chilled, cleaned and went walking.

Saturday we spent the morning playing soccer and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool. I sat by the pool because the water is ice cold!

Sunday was a day of worship at church and spending the day with the girls relaxing

Even Deets and Ty were enjoying the weather!
We have been very busy. Kyli is in a traveling basketball league that practice twice a week, both girls are playing soccer and Kenna is still in gymnastics. It is crazy! Tuesday is our only evening to chill at home. Summer can't get her fast enough!

When I went walking today I saw that my neighbor had a headboard and footboard outside her storage shed. It was exactly what I have been looking for for Kenna's room. This weekend Chris and I will redo Kenna's dresser and the headboard and footboard. I can't wait to see what it looks like.

Have a blessed week!


  1. Aw, such cute pics! For a sec, I thought that was me sitting in the kayak. HEHE!!

  2. me too, sister!! I love this weather, but we could REALLY do with out the wind in Lubbock!! I love the pics of Chris and the girls...looks like they had tons of fun!