Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cool Aunt Sissy

Growing up I had the best aunt. We called her Aunt Sissy. She has been gone for 11 years. She was like a 2nd mom. Brandi and I stayed all of our summers with her in DeLeon when we were growing up. I kid my mom all the time that most of my childhood memories are with my aunt,grandparents and cousins in DeLeon. I have no idea how my aunt survived. Not only did she have me and Brandi, she had the other cousins too plus her two daughters! I know now why she would kick us outside. We were brats!

We played outside, swam and finger painted.

This was supposed to be bath time but they ended up being so dirty, they had to have another bath!

Everything was great until bedtime! Ty kept screaming "mommy's bed." Addison started crying because "I just miss my mommy so much." Good grief! Can't we just all go to bed! Nanis came to save the day! She took Addison with her. Kyli and Kenna are in my bed since Chris is gone! UGH! This is going to be a miserable night!


  1. are such a great Aunt! Jon's sis and family live down our lane...her kiddos are my kiddos too...and I just love it that way! Spending time with cousins...priceless. And I'm so jealous that it is already bathing suit weather there. 50's here...brrrr! Hope your time with the little peeps gets better! :)

  2. HAHA! Love the pics and your last paragraph made me laugh!

  3. You are the best Sissy ever; well, besides our Aunt Sissy!!! What great memories we have of her!! Hopefully, our kids will have that many great memories of us!!! THANKS Sissy!!!!!!

  4. I do know Sara Bauman!! I LOVE HER!! My girls LOVE her little boys. We often get together for "Momma night outs. I will get to see her lots more now that I will be staying at home next year :) She makes the cutest little girls pillowcase dresses and does some neat monogramming! We love it when FUNNY MOMMIES move to town and she is a GREAT ONE!!! What a small world! I have had fun visiting with your sister :) Yall are adorable!