Monday, April 11, 2011

Is it Summer Yet?

This past weekend was nice and relaxing. On Friday Chris and I took the girls to the carnival. I caught up with Sandy and Crystal when I found out they were going too. On Saturday, we had to be in Marble Falls at 8:30 for Kenna's soccer game. She scored a goal. We came home and then went back over to MF for Kyli's game. She scored a goal too. Afterwards, we came home and hung out by the pool and watched the air show. Pretty relaxing day.

On Sunday, we slept late (8:00) and lounged around before church. Chris painted Kenna's headboard and footboard. I can't wait to blog about it. I am waiting on him to finish the dresser.

My precious girls wearing Matilda Jane clothing!

Church was awesome as always! It was about connecting with people at work and being salt and light to them. Well, I work with 1st graders all day so I am going to try a get them to come to church. I am going to invite them to our church camp. I know I am not supposed to talk about God at school but I can't help myself. We always talk about how Jesus knows our every move. EVEN, when we lie to Mrs. Davis. They usually confess after that! he he!
After church we headed to the pool. It was so hot but the pool is still pretty cold. It doesn't bother the girls but I have yet to get all the way in.

Wade and lauren came over and we grilled ribs and had mashed potatoes and cole slaw. lauren also made Soapapilla Cheesecake. WOW! It was awesome! We decide it was Free Fat Day! Eat all you want! Yummy!

I went to my doctor today because I am having some "female problems." In the next week i will be having a NovaSure Ablasion. I am really excited because my sister and bf has had this and it has changed their cycles. I can't wait! I know that sounds crazy but I am so tired of my crazy body and hormones! I also stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up some items. Mom and I are going to try and make Matilda Jane look alike tank tops for the girls this week. If we succeed(which we will) each tank will only be about $10 each. I'll blog and let you guys know how it went!

Have a BLESSED week!

Hurry summer! Only 6 more weeks of school! 7 weeks until Belize!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The girls look presh in their MJ!!! And good luck on the sewing...haha!!!! That should be funny! And u will love the ablasion. BEST thing I've ever done, well, beside going to Tech, getting married, having 3 adorable kids... you get the idea!!!!