Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunny days

We have had some beautiful sunny days in the hill country. On the weekends, we stay outside most of the time. This weekend we go to play with cousin Ethan on Sunday. He went to church with us and came over and played.Picnic
Our new favortie game is tennis. We have so much fun.

Chris and me
On Sunday afternoon, Mimi dropped by with Reese. The girls love her so much!

Klyi and Fluffie

My precious babies!

Last night was a nightmare. Chris found Triple T with a hook and fishing string in her mouth. Of course, it was after hours and we couldn't get a hold of Dan. I called an after hour clinic. Chris took her and they were able to sedate her and get the hooks out. They gave her pain meds, antiobotics, and B12. And man, that was the fastest $285 I spent. It brought so many memories of us having to do the same thing with Spankie last May. Although, we didn't get to bring our baby boy home. He went to doggie heaven. I had a complete meltdown over my "stinky man."
The girls don't even have a clue all of this went on. I took a 1/2 day today to go to a funeral. I was able to pick Triple T up and get her home before the girls new she was gone.
Two more school days until spring break!! Woo Hoo! So excited!


  1. Shorts...tank tops...sunshine???? Oh, I am filled with's spitting snow here! The girls look adorable in their little outfits, and oh la la...Fluffie is foxy...Looks a bit like my George! Oh your poor dog! Our animals are such a part of our family. Isn't it amazing the things we do for them?! PURE LOVE! Glad your furry friend is better!

  2. We're loving this weather too! If only it would stay this way! I hope you have a restful spring break!