Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break 2011

I can't believe Spring Break has already come and gone! We had a fabulous time and it was a much needed break from school. We ended our SP with a trip to Fredericksburg to go see Mimi and Paw.
We our 1st stop was at Garrison Distillery
They were closed due to remodeling

Pawpaw kept the girls and Chris and I went and listened to live music at Silver Creek on Thursday.
We ran up Cross Mountain on Thursday and Friday. My calves are so sore.

We counted 28 deer in front of Mimi and Pawpaw's house
Chris and I went back to Silver Creek for a margarita and more live music
On Friday, we ate lunch at Hondo's and then went to the Pioneer Musuem. It was a great experience for the girls. We are so thankful for running water, electricity and air conditioning!!!
The schoolhouse

Chris and I loved the "old" in the houses

The Blacksmith. He made Kyli and Kenna a nail.

Kenna's favorite-the outhouse
Kyli making rope
The Bathouse

Me and the girls
If you are wondering why I wear my visor all the's because I can't stand the sun in my eyes(part of Chiari) and I get bad racoon face!!!!!

The Sunday House
Pioneers that lived on the prairie had Sunday homes. Several families built these in the Fred area. When they came to town to trade, church or were sick they would stay in these houses.
Headed to get ICE CREAM

Herb Farm

We had the BEST burger and fries at Alamo Springs
Luckenbach, TX

On Wednesday we went bowling

Sandy, Crystal and me

Chili's with Nanis

On Monday and Tuesday, Brandi's kiddos came to our house to play

One of our crabs grabbed onto Nate's finger. Everyone is checking out all the comotion

I am so sad spring break is over but only 10 more weeks until summer. I can't wait. This week I will be working on redoing Kenna's dresser, getting my hair highlighted, soccer and gymnastics and most important getting ready for kenna's bday party on Saturday.
Have a blessed week! God is so good!


  1. What a fun sb. Love Ty's funny face pics!!! I'm jealous of your wkend in Fred!!!

  2. WHAT a fun Spring Break!! I love all the pics in Fred...great to see Mary and Marshall too! Hope you got a little rest! Nate's face is too funny in the "crab" pic! Have a BLESSED week, Sweet Friend!

  3. So glad you had a great spring break. Love it when you're not working. Can't wait to go to Fred in June. Such a fun place. Also, Sandi, you have eyes like your Momma. Little!!!! My grandkids rock!!!!!!