Monday, March 14, 2011

12 Years of Marriage

On March 13, 1999 Chris and I got married. It was the best day ever! 12 years later we are still so happy. We both feel God has blessed our marriage way more than we deserve. We are still so giddy with each other and make each other laugh so much!
Kyli and Kenna went to Nanis after church and had a "granddaughter day." Chris and I went to our favorite place, Ginger and Spice, and ate Sushi. Then we headed to Austin to go shopping. After we go home we went to the tennis courts and played for over an hour. It was my favorite part of the day. Chris was so funny! He said for every ball that I swung and missed that I would have to run a lap around the courts. I would have had to run 100 laps if I would have agreed.
When we picked the girls up they had on new pjs.
Our 12th Anniversary pic
Excuse my frizzy hair. I broke a sweat hitting and CHASING all the balls! It was so much fun!
My handsome hubby!
I thank God every day for my hubs. He is so good to me.
We are enjoying spring break.
Have a blessed Spring Break!


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the 2 of you!!!!!!

  2. u still look like a little kid after 12 yrs of marriage!!!! Congrats!!

  3. Congrats on 12 years and now you get to update your about me with another year under your belt :)