Sunday, October 3, 2010

HCF Men's Outdoor Ministry

Today was an awesome Sunday. Church was fantastic. Lunch at Chicken Express. Then we went to Hill Country Fellowship Men's Outdoor Ministry.The men hosted family day at a ranch. We kayaked, fished, ate and worshipped with music and then baptism.
Kenna posing before church I love the girls' new outfits

Daddy and his little fishing buddies
Kenna would rather play with worms than fish!
Kyli's 1st catch. 8 inches

Kenna and Delaynie

I want a cute little pony for our back yard. I haven't sold Chris on it yet. I told him that the pony would be a good lawnmower.

The Davis Family
Aren't we so cute?

Me and the girls
Daddy and the girls

Just chillin
Have a blessed week! We have another crazy week ahead of us!


  1. what an awesome family day!! happy weekend to you!

  2. That freakin' pony is awesome!!! Yes, please add the cutie to your family! Tell Chris that's what u want for your 35th bday!! Love the girls' outfits!!! Cutest little boogers!!!

  3. Love the pics! What a FUN filled Sunday! You make me want a family, and that is very odd; HA! =)
    So glad we were able to catch up for a quick sec yesterday!