Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christmas in February

Every year for Christmas we get money. We usually buy something that we have been wanting and put some of it back. Well, we got money this year but we used it to pay for my crainiotomy. UGH!!!!! How depressing. This pic shows what the money went toward. My mom called me on Sunday and said that she and dad were going a Temprapedic mattress. She asked me if we wanted the one the recently purchased. Awesome ! We were in need for a new mattress. We bought ours 11 years ago. Score!!!!!!

Saturday, mom and Brandi ran into Dillard's and some Coach purses were marked 1/2 off and then you got another 30% off. My mom couldn't resist. She bought me one. She rocks!!! SCORE again.

I have been wanting a pair of Ugg boots. I just couldn't make myself spend the money. Well, I figured I deserved them since I didn't buy myself anything with our Christmas money.

Kyli loves to check blogs with me. She told me that she wanted me to blog about her new shoes too. Kyli scored too. Yeah for Kyli. They didn't have them in Kenna's size or she would have gotten them too. Kyli wants to post about her shoes. Here it goes........
my shoos rock. I am happy because I wanted them. I like pink. I rock.
I just got word that my niece's sonogram on her heart came back normal. Praise Jesus!!! The Davis Family has been through a lot in the last two months so this is a HUGE relief.
It has been raining for two straight days. I am so sick of dirty shoes, dirty floors, no recess for 1st graders and frizzy hair. I have to put all of that aside and think that this is filling up our lakes.Praise God for the rain and for frizzy hair, crazy first graders and dirty floors.


  1. <3 that purse, SANDI!!!!!!!!! & Kyli's shoes are fab...our niece got a pair for Christmas and I think they rock as well!

  2. I LOVE THIS POST!! I really like Kyli's super cool pink shoes...she does rock! I love all the fun things that you have deserve to have some fun! And yes, Praise God for the rain...not too sure about the frizzy hair though! haha Happy weekend to y'all!

  3. Tell my Kyli girl that her shoes are way hip and stylish!!!! You rock Kyli!

  4. I might should have added "rocks" to Kyli's sweatshirt. Way to go with the reading! Her pink shoes rock too. Just my style :)

  5. I am so glad you got good news about your niece, she has been in my prayers! Love your coach purse and your ugg boots.. I wear my black uggs all the time!! Oh and Kyli's shoes are very stylish.. love the bling!! Hope you have a great weekend!