Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little bit of Nothing

So Chris is going on week 4 of being in Virginia. I HATE it but we are surviving. I flew into DC on Friday and flew home on Sunday. Short trip but we had so much fun. We ate great food, shopped and visiting Fredericksburg Battlefield. I think the Civil War is so interesting.
Saturday night we were watching TV and Chris gets word that Chris Kyle has been shot and killed. We were so sad. He is an awesome American Hero. We had the honor of meeting him this past summer at the FBI conference in Dallas. I can't find the pic of me and Chris Kyle but I am hunting it down.
Chris, Chris Kyle and Joe (my hubby's partner)

Raider goes to my moms everyday while we go to school. He was pouting because her couldn't find the girls. SAD

I love my house

The girls love Lego Friends. That's what I brought home to the spoiled toots this weekend. It keeps them busy!

Food in Fredericksburg! YUMMY! We ate at Brock's Seafood and Steak both nights because it was so awesome and in walking distance from hotel. 

I thought this cottage was so cute

Freezing in the wind and snow

Kenna stayed with buddy MaeSyn on Friday

Me headed to the airport. I can't wait to see Chris

We made homemade chocolate chip cookies to take to Chris

Marine Base

Me new coat I got for half off. I love the color!

KB and Kyli before Kyli's UIL spelling meet

Chris and Chris Kyle
So I think I have lost my mind with Chris gone. I am a SW rapid reward member and usually fly free. Well, I checked in on Sunday at the airport and they couldn't find my reservation. I gladly pulled out my email confirmation and realized that I booked myself coming back March 3 instead of February 3rd. Stupid but honest mistake. So it cost me $537 to fly home ! Next time I'll call to see if they can fix it before I do that again. OR better yet, it better not happen again. I did call the next morning and they gave back my points and a vochure for $200. So it only cost me $337! UGH! STUPID ME! I think I just need to take one day at a time and keep my head above water. This single mother stuff bites! I do NOT like it one bit. I am behind on blogging but hopefully I can catch up on my dad's bday celebration and more pics of my weekend with Chris. 

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  1. SANDI...bless your heart!!! That is crazy about your flight...I can totally see myself doing something like that! By Feb 20th, Michael will have been gone a total of 13 days this month. I think I'm going CRAZY and I'm not even working anymore! I'm praying for you now, friend! Take it day at a time...things can wait! LOVE YOU!