Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Am I really 37?

Well, another year has passed and I did indeed turn 37!!!!! Wow! I used to think that 37 was so old. Now I am thinking I am just happy to be alive!
My sweet friends took me to dinner on Friday. I have the most amazing friends!
On Sunday I woke up and the girls surprised me with the Pandora palm tree charm. Chris bought it before he went to Virginia and hid it in his closet. I have been wanting that charm every since we went to Belize. Then we headed to Austin to spend my birthday with the other birthday girl. We had a great day!! And the cake was scrumptious!
I got bday money so I booked a flight and hotel next weekend to go see Chris. I miss him!! We all miss him! Thank God for another year!

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  1. LOVE that deer shirt! Isn't it crazy how time passes so quickly! Esp after you have kids!! STOP TIME STOP!!!!!