Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year's Eve at Purgatory

New Year's Eve was our last day on the mountain. It was day 4 and it snowed all day. It was beautiful!Chris skied while the girls played in the snow and I drank Colorado Bulldogs.

 Yum! All you can eat Smores Bar!!!

 The mountain held a parade and fireworks to celebrate. It was freezing!

 The parade consisted of snowboarders and skiiers coming down the mountains with red flames. It was so cool. And the sound of the fireworks echoing throughout the mountains was so cool!

I love my camera! I think some of the pics I got in the dark were pretty cool. We had the best time ever except for the beds. We missed our beds so bad! We are home safe and sound and I am already thinking about our next trip. I love going places. We are so blessed! I go back to school tomorrow for a work day. I have so much to do. Chris will be leaving for Virginia on Thursday. He will be there for training for 10 weeks. Boo Hoo! I pray I can hold it together. Hopefully Chris being gone to Alaska for 19 days prepared me a little. I just pray that I don't get sick, nothing goes wrong and a dog doesn't die. That's what happened when he went to Alaska. Whew! It was rough! Have a blessed week!

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