Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Love Sophie & Bye, Bye Crabs!

One of my best friends, Sophie, spoils my kids rotten. Every time we see Sophie she has a bag full of candy. My kids get so excited when they know that we are gonna see Sophie. Last Wednesday I went to Lampasas to get the Keratin treatment and Sophie was waiting for me there with a bag full of goodies. Smurf shampoo and body wash, lip gloss, gum, hair bands, and lots more. The favorite goodie was a smurf hat for Kenna and a Scooby hat for Kyli. The girls were so pumped when I gave them their goodies.

Kenna and Cody at Kyli's Veteran's Program
Kyli and Gracyn
So Kyli and Kenna's crabs died. I thought those stupid things would never die. Mimi bought them for the girls in February. They lived for a whole 9 months. Kyli was so sad and Kenna didn't really care. Tonight after b-ball practice we came home and had a burial for them. Triple T watching us like we were crazy.
Chris put on his coat and tie for his speech. I laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants.

Bye, Bye Crabs

Kenna and Dash(Shelly's son) didn't shed a tear. Kyli is sad and Chris and I cried because we laughed so hard!
Basketball started and I am so happy. I love it. I just hope I can be a good coach and stay in control. I am coaching Kyli and Kenna's team with Shelly. I love, love the Keratin treatment. My hair feels so good! It is so much easier to fix. My hometown team, Lampasas Badgers, are in the playoffs. We went to a football game on Friday and it brought back memories of Chris playing football. His team rocked! We need to show the girls some of his high school games. They would love it. We just had family pics taken. I can't wait to see how they turned out. I am so ready for Thanksgiving break. Too bad we will be traveling the whole time. Have a blessed week!


  1. Poor Kyli in that last pic, she looks pitiful!!!! Chris is a dork!! HEHEHEHEHE!!!

  2. I feel horrible...I am cracking up so hard! Poor Kyli...she looks so distraught! Chris...omg, omg! The kid holding the flashlight, HA! Oh goodness! Too cute!

  3. Love those hats...and poor crabs!!!! Love your hub's sense of humor! And thinking kitty was waiting for you to leave...crab diner for meow! Yikes! :)