Saturday, June 18, 2011

Texas Heat

The temps in Texas are in the 100s. It's awful. Yesterday me and the girls headed to the MF pool with Shay, Crystal and Carrie.

Shay and Crystal

Shay, Crystal and my rascals.

Carrie had just left so we are missing her kids.

We have decided that our new puppy will be called Raider. We love him. Kyli and Kenna are great big sisters. Brandi and her kids are coming over. Ethan is also staying the week with Nanis. I have ESL training and church camp. Then we are leaving to go to New Orleans for a wedding. I am waiting for Chris to get back from Port Aransas so I can post our pics of our wondeful trip to Belize. He is at the Game Warden Fishing Tourney. I sure hope he wins.
Have a blessed weekend!
After the pool, we headed to the snow cone stand! YUMMY!

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  1. Summer sun, swimming and snow cones.....the BeST!!!!