Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Belize Day 4

On Sunday we were going on an all day trip to the Blue Hole. The trip was canceled due to rough waters. So we rented a golf cart and went all over the island.
Pics of our resort

Leaving Ramon's to tour the island

For lunch we ate at the Lazy Croc. BEST bbq ever! Here is a pic of the "lazy croc."

I need this sign
After lunch we went to the Palapa Bar. It was so cool.

Night time at Ramons

If you are thinking about planning a trip, you should definately consider Belize. It rocked!

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  1. Your resort looks fabulous! I swear, you look like a freakin' teenager...I guess that means I do too!! HEHE!!!! Belize is my summer 2012 trip..woohoo!!!! I'm taking the exact same vacay as you!!!!