Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Mother's Day was so wonderful! We started off our day at Reville Ranch so Kyli could run in Jr. Jailbreak. It was a 1 mile run with obstacle courses. It was so fun watching Kyli compete. Chris completed in the Jailbreak the day before so Kyli thought she could do it.

Our Family

Kenna wouldn't run but she like playing on this obstacle

Go Blakeli!!!!!

Here comes Kyli! Go Ky Ky!

The Mudpit

The Log roll

Woo Hoo! We finished!
Great job!

Kloe, Blakeli, Kyli and Dax

Dax is 10 weeks younger than Kyli.

Chris wanted Kyli to beat him so bad in the race because he locked Kyli out on the balcony in Port A a couple years ago so the seagulls would poop on her. Ha! Too Funny!

Best buds

When we got home it was too late to get to church so i washed clothes and Chris went to the store for me. Then we went out to the pool for 4 hours.

I love Kenna's face in this pic!

The hubs and the girls...My World!

Chris (Shamu) and the girls have water gun fights

I am also the mother to two black labs, Ty and Deets

Ty-12 years old, we got her right before we got married

Deets-5 years old

Chris + Deets=BFF

I am truly blessed! God has blessed me more than I deserve.

I have a prayer request.... RAIN! It is so scarey watching the news and hearing about the drought and there is no rain in the forecast. Well, I have been praying for rain and I would love it if you would too.

Only 5 weeks until Belize. Woo Hoo!

School is crazy! This is the last week of soccer practice. Praise the Lord! i think we are all worn out! Kyli made the big AR trip for getting 90 AR points. We are headed to the SA Zoo on Friday.Soccer tourny on Saturday and Kyli's bday is this Sunday. We are having a Luau. She is so excited.

Have a blessed day!


  1. what a fun thing for Kyli...good job girl! Sandi, you can make is almost out!! I LOVE Kenna's face in the pic of you two together!! So funny!! Happy Mother's Day! You got it, Girl...praying for rain!! The three of us went to the park after school and work. We said something about it being hot and windy. Kate said "Momma, we need God to send rain!" Amen to that! Love to the Davis Family!

  2. How cute!! Great job Kyli! Happy Mother's Day!!