Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fabulous Five

Almost 6 years ago, I started working in BCISD. I never knew that I would make so many BF! There are five of us that worked together and have been so close. We call ourselves the Fab Five! It is so hard for all of us to get together. Tonight we made it happen. We ate at Chili's and then watched Something Borrowed. It was the cutest movie. We didn't get to watch the last five minutes because of a thunderstorm. We have to go back and watch to see how it ends. UGH! Dex is so cute so i don't mind going back!


Chilling while waiting for our movie to come back on. So sad it didn't!

I can't complain that we didn't get to finish the movie. I am so thankful for the rain. God is so good! I am praying for more rain. It is 40% tomorrow.
I am also so thankful for the best friends in the world!
Please pray for the education crisis. It is so scary!


  1. What a great girl's nite! Going to work is SO much nicer when you have so many wonderful friends there! How lucky you are! I still have my DEAR teacher friends (and I have been away for 8 years)! To bad you didn't get to see the end of the movie...thunderstorms...ick!

  2. That molten looks delish!!!!!!!!! What hot friends you have. HEHE!!!! Can't wait to see the movie!