Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our First Thanksgiving

Our family was complete on March 30, 2006 when Kenna was born. The following pics are of the First Thanksgiving in the pumpkin patch. I ran across the pics and they melted my heart. My babies are growing way too fast!

These girls complete my life. I have an awesome hubby and God is so mighty to give me these two wonderful pumpkins. It is Thanksgiving time again and this year is a very special year to me. Many blessings have happened in our little family. Thank you God!


  1. Oh my word, presh!!! I remember when we took those pics. PRESHPRESHPRESH!!

  2. Oh my, I looked at this picture & thought of a picture I have of you & Brandi. I went & got it and one of the expressions of Kenna is exactly like you two. Especially Brandi because her grin is exactly like Brandi's in the picture. Yesterday Bo was in awe! He said, Mom it really feels weird because she looks just like Sandi & Brandi. Yes, I'm in tears! My babies have grown up & I have a granddaughter that is a spitting image of them. What a blessing!