Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Nanis
mom's birthday fell on Thanksgiving day this year so we decided to celebrate a day early. All the grandkids went to Nanis house and threw her a party. It is pure chaos when all the kids are together but one day we will miss these wild little yaloos!

Kenna making funny faces!

Kyli and HER Nanis
Yes, Mom is standing on the bathtub modelin her new jeggings!
Mom's bday cake

On Thanksgiving we headed to DeLeon. I am so blessed that my mom's parents are still here with us. They are the most precious grandparents!
My brother, his son, Ethan, chris and Kenna
My World!
Kenna, Chris and Kyli

Kyli and me

Kenna and me

Girl cousins

Uncle Bodie, Aunt Glen, Mom
Grandmom, Granddad and Dad
Are my grandparents so cute
My grandparents had 6 kids. Aunt Sis went to Heaven 10 years ago. We still miss her dearly. They have 17 grandkids and 29 great grandkids. My granddad wants one more to make it 30. Isn't that crazy?
Tomorrow we are headed to Fredericksburg for the weekend. Chris' parents moved to Fred about 6 weeks ago and his Granny and Granpa have lived there for many years. We love Fredericksburg!
Gobble, Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Aw, what a great post. We have the best family!!!!

  2. It was a great day today visiting with family! Thanks to my girls & grandkids for a great Birthday party yesterday!! They Rock!! Kyli told me today I was so lucky because I got to celebrate my birthday 2 days! Her & Kenna was always coming by today & telling me Happy Birthday. What wonderful grandkids I have!! I am truely blessed!!

  3. Oh yes, just for everyone's information Brandi made me model on the bathtub. Does that sound like her or what??