Monday, August 23, 2010

Woo Hoo! Chris is home!

Isn't Kyli so beautiful?Isn't Kenna so precious?

After 12 long days, Chris is home. We are all so excited. Even Ty and Deats are pumped.


Pool Time

My Love Bugs

After pool time, we ate sushi and went and had yougurt. Yummy! This has been the longest 12 days of my life. God is awesome. On Wednesday I got a phone call saying that I should expect Chris to be delayed. I had a meltdown. That night I got on my hands and knees and prayed to God and asking him to bring Chris home to me safely and on time. Friday morning I got a phone call saying that he would be on time. Praise God once again! It is amazing how God works if we just give it all to Him.


  1. Yes Sandi you are blessed!! All my kids are blessed. They have such wonderful families! And yes, I am so totally blessed!! God is an awsome God!!!!!!!

  2. LOVE the pic of Kyli!!! You missed your hubs so bad that you got on your hands and knees and prayed???? Dude, you must've really missed him!! I guess I wasn't good enough to cheer you up. Bummer! Oh, what is with kenna's outfit? funny!

  3. THAT IS SO SWEET!!!!! I know yall missed him so bad! & the surprises; how sweet!!!!!!!!