Saturday, June 26, 2010

New York- Day 2

On Sunday morning we got up, went to Starbuck's and bought tickets for the Double Decker bus. We toured around and got off whenever we wanted. It was awesome. Our favorite stop that day was at the World Trade Center sight or Ground Zero.
After that we went to the Financial District and found this wonderful restaurant on Hudson River. We split Mile High Cheese Fries and had a mango rita. So yummy! We went back the next day to have the same thing.
Statue of Liberty
Along the board walk of the Hudson River we were able to see the Statue

Our view while eating Mile High Cheese Fries
Brandi, Aunt Tracey and mom
I love the American flags flying
The new World Trade Center

New Yorks Finest

Shopping in SOHO
This store drove me crazy. Too much stuff!

Can you imagine driving in NY traffic?
We loved the double decker bus
More to come... stay tuned!


  1. Aw, such a good last picture there! & that store looks SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!

  2. y'all had such a great time...that is awesome!

  3. I love all of these pictures! Soho looks overwhelming to me too. But something funny is how the lady on the other side of that counter is looking at your guys. She is like "what are they doinggggg?" It looks like you ladies had a blast!