Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm Back!

Before Chris went out of town he wanted to eat Sushi. We LOVE sushi. It is our favorite thing to eat.
Crystal, me and Sandy(the crazy one)

It has been two weeks since my last post. I have been so busy. With it being the end of another school year and being sad because of Spankie I have had no time to post. Well, so many things have happened in the last two weeks.

I still can't believe my little Spankie man is in Doggy Heaven. Today is his 15th birthday. Kyli says that she just knows that God is throwing him a party with all his doggy friends. I pray and hope that there is such a thing as doggy heavien and I will be reunited with him. We miss him so much! It is lonely without him.

Sam Bolm(my besties BIL)passed away May 26th. He ended his couragous battle with Melanoma. It is so sad but we know he his rejoicing in Heaven. It has been an emotional two weeks. Sam was brought into the same hospital as me on the day of my surgery. We were just a couple of doors down from one another. I got to see Shay(bestie) a lot during my hospital stay because Sam was there. Please pray for the Bolm family during this sorrowful time.

Today Chris left out of state for a week. He gets home next Sunday and turns around and heads out to West TX. The day he gets back is the day that I fly out for New York City. I already miss him. Boo Hoo! We have basketball camp and swim lessons to consume our thoughts of Chris and the best daddy in the world.

Have a BLESSED week!


  1. so glad you are back!!! woohoo!

  2. woo hoo, your back! hope things go well while Chris is gone! Michael has been traveling for WEEKS at a time here lately...not to fun! We are headed out to Rob's wedding on Wednesday...can't wait! Y'all take care! Love you!