Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Woo Hoo! I got lots of Easter goodies from Nanis and PapisKyli scored too

Cute Girl Cousin

Ethan and Kate
All 7 cousins
The humidity was 95%. BAD hair day!

Playing at Kyli's Easter egg hunt

I should have many more pics to post. When we went to Chris' family Easter I forgot my compact flash for my camera. I am awful. I'll have to get them from my MIL.
Thanks to Nanis for going to Kyli's party and Mimi and Pawpaw for going to Kenna's party. Easter and Christmas are my favorite.
Easter was so awesome this year because Kyli really understands why we celebrate Easter.
He Lives, He Lives, Christ Jesus Lives today.
I love that song. It reminds me up growing up and going to First Baptist Church with my family.


  1. I LOVE all these sweet pics!! Looks like y'all had tons of fun! The girls outfits are too cute! Great family pic too! Love you!

  2. Precious little bunnies. Oh how I want to gobble them up. PRESH!!!!!

  3. 7 Cousins pic.....TOO CUTE! What a beautiful family you have! <3

  4. Love all of your pictures.. and those dresses are just gorgeous.. I almost ordered the same one, I guess great minds do think children are just precious oh and how do they like the Chipmunk movie? my kids LOVE the chipmunks we even listen to the music soundtrack in the car..its crazy but I am actually turning out to be a chipmunk fan, never thought that would happen!