Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Kenna

Happy 4th Birthday Kenna!
Kenna DeLayn Davis
March 30, 2006
12:18 p.m.
7lbs., 7 oz.
The day we brought you home. One of my fav pics.Kyli meets Kenna

Kenna's 1st Bday
2nd bday. Well, close to your bday. One of my all time fav photos of Kenna.

Happy 3rd Bday
Celebrating Bday 4 at Chuck E Cheese
Nanis and Papis
Do you think we look alike?
Kenna and Daddy

Finley and Kenna
Aunt Sissy, Kyli, Nate and Addison
Do you think they look alike?

I love Kenna's smile

Happy 4th Birthday Kenna
You bring so much joy to our lives. I love you more and more everyday.


  1. Happy Birthday Kenna! Yes she does look like you, you both are beautiful! Have a great week!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Kenna! I LOVE this post, Sandi...too sweet!

  3. happy birthday!!!! I just came across your blog and its super cute~~ Im a new follower...feel free to head over and chack mine our too

  4. SUCH an adorable little punkin'!!! happy 4th bday to your precious girl!!! LOVE her bday outfit bytheway :)

  5. Hey! I found our blog through Kelly's Korner. I had to post.. I have a Kenna too! Who just turned 4 on April 6th! It just made me smile to find another Kenna girl so close in age :)

    I have an older daughter with a K name too..

    Your girls are toooo cute!