Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Durango pics

Our first day in Durango the girls went to ski school in the morning. In the afternoon and the next day we played at the bunny slope. They girls seemed to learn more from us than ski school.

Aren't Kenna and Taylor so cute

This is Kenna after she got sent to child care. She is very happy that she got a snack and didn't have to be with "that boy."
Our cute family

Kyli skiing by herself down the bunny slope

Chris taking time off from skiing to come teach his girls to ski

Carrie taking Kyli up the bunny slope

Pooped! Resting before we went tubing.

I have more pics to post later. We had a blast. I was kinda sad I didn't get to ski but it was so cute watching and teaching the girls. Hopefully next year I can ski with them.
At the end of every day we were pooped.
About 4:00 every day we stopped at the bar and had Colorado Bulldogs and they were so awesome.

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