Friday, June 6, 2014

Young Living Essential Oils

Are you tired of allergies, aches and pains, sleepless nights, acid reflux, etc. I was too! Did you know that taking meds can cause damage to your liver? I changed my medicine cabinet cause I had spots on my liver and it scared me. We now use Young Living Essential Oils for everything. They are  Theurapeutic Grade A so safe for everyone. We use topically, diffuse and take internally. 
  Kyli just had fifths disease. I used peppermint for fever and tummy ache. Thieves and Lemon on her throat, deep relief on achy neck and I diffused Thieves. She was back to feeling good in a day and a half. The rash that comes with Fifths only lasted 2 days after her other symptoms were gone. 
   Lavender, lemon and Peppermint
I diffuse these every night for allergies and I also make capsules for the family. Love this mixture. 
This pic is so neat. I have changed over my medicine cabinet. My fav oil is Peppermint. I use for acid reflux, migraines, tummy aches and in my allergy blend. If u want to know how u can change your medicine cabinet email me at

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