Sunday, June 22, 2014

Inks Lake State Park

We are so blessed that we have so many lakes surrounding us. Our favorite place to go play is Inks Lake State Park. It has been a while since we have been kayaking. Kyli is almost too big for her kayak. She will need another one by next summer. 

 My love nuggets

 Chris is the cool dad always playing with them. I'm always behind the camera. I usually get in a swim but only if I have my Keen's on. Well, Kyli has taken over my Keens. I'm afraid I will step on something slimy in the water. 

 The girls!!!

 This man was crazy! I thought he was......
 going to do a belly flop but then he tucked himself into a ball. Hilarious!!!!
 The girls jumping off the little rocks.

I am so thankful for my lil family. Chris is headed to the border this week and the girls and I are going to have some fun!!!! Have a blessed week!!!

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  1. I'm totally coming over and bringing kids...when can Chris go?