Thursday, December 26, 2013

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Eve was very low key. We basically laid around until mid afternoon. Chris and Kyli went hunting and KB and I picked up my mom and went to Christmas Eve Service. It was beautiful!
The girls were in bed by 9:00 because they thought the sooner they went to bed the sooner Santa will come. 
Our mantel

Santa arrived around 11:00 (I think)
 Around 11:45 we heard sounds. We thought it was Raider and Deets moving around. Chris got him to go check it out and he found two little girls snooping in their stockings. They were WIDE awake.
So we decided to go ahead and check out what Santa left under the tree and in our stockings since they girls have already been snooping. We made them wait until Christmas morning to open presents. 

 Yes, Chris and I were exhausted!

 6 hours later they came running in waking us up to open presents! I can remember the excitement and anticipation of Christmas when I was little! 

They hubby rocked this year. Under Armour comprehension pants, top and North and South complete set.

Christmas day we headed to Fredericksburg to eat lunch with Mimi, Pawpaw and Grandpa. We will head back to Fred on Friday for Christmas with Mimi and Pawpas and Grandpa. We took down all of our Christmas decorations. I always hate taking it down but there is no sense in leaving it up since it's over. I went to Wal-mart and grabbled some lights and decorations for next year. They were 50 % off! Woo hoo! Have a blessed day!

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