Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lots of Fun

The last weeks have been busy and so much fun!!!! Last week Ty and Addi came to stay with us!!
Check out my new fabulous hat
KB was in the Johnny Appleseed play in her class.
Raider got him a haircut for the holidays
  Our tree!!! I love it and all my ornaments!
Kyli is asking for a baby brother or sister. NOT happening!!
Brandi made her first peanut butter pie
and it was a hit!!!!!
I had to stop and take a picture by this sign!!!! I totally agree with it!!!
Shopping in Fredericksburg
KB's first hunting license
 Our favorite Thanksgiving tradition. Ice skating in Fred!!!!
We ran into Santa and Mrs. Claus. 
I happened to run across this Wheaton Terrier. We want one really bad!!
And we rented a stroller for Raider and he shopped with us. He was such a good boy!!!!
       That face melts my heart!!!!!

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