Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our life on the Phone

Thank goodness for my camera on my phone. I take most pics from it. We have been crazy busy!!
  I love this lil cartoon! It seems like every year we forget about Thanksgiving cuz we are all so excited to put up trees and lights.
I won $25 at our school book fair because my sweet little student went to family night.
I have been painting and selling ornaments. My girls and I want to bless a sweet family that is very special to us. They have had a very hard year. Last December the dad died of cancer. We are able to bless them this year because of our ornaments!
I have a love/hate relationship with this bad boy!
KB and her Pawpaw are BFFs
    Kyli and her masterpiece!
   Kyli and her BFFs
    How fun is this huge ornament 

Several weekends ago we ran out to Inks Lake to see this awesome girl. 6 years ago her hubby was killed in the line of duty. He was a game warden and so is my hubby! At the time their son was 3 months old. I pray for Amanda all the time. She is the strongest, coragious woman I know.
       Kyli always wins a cake at our church cake walk.
Yes, my teaching partners and I are basketball players. Connie and Nicki are the ref and coach.
    KB and her BFF
         MK, Gracyn and Kyli
   Chris sent me this pic while I was in Bainbridge Island. I died laughing!!!

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