Friday, November 1, 2013

Bainbridge Island, Day 2

Day 2 on Bainbridge Island, Washington started out cold and rainy. But with this view who cares what the weather was. We had breakfast at Cafe Nola and then headed to Seattle on went to the Pier and Pike's Place. 
My Sunday morning view

 So cozy nestled in the trees
 Sunday Brunch at Cafe Nola. We had French toast and chicken friend steak. YUMMY!!!
 Then we headed down to the ferry to head to Seattle.

 The fall colors were amazing
 My mom bought us this green color bead to go on our Pandora bracelet. It represents Seattle which is known as the Emerald City.

 The flowers were beautiful and CHEAP!!!
 Oh, the vegetables and fruit were delish. I wanted to stock up!

 The first Starbucks
 Check out this nasty monkey fish
 The Pig

 The Gum Wall

We headed back to the Pier and ate some yummy seafood. Brandi and I still think we are moving to Bainbridge Island.

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