Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Grand Cayman- part 2

This is how clear the water is. So we asked a local and he said we have to go to Smith Reef(Beach). The snorkeling was amazing!!
 The view at the Marriott
Before we headed out to Smith Reef we ate all you can eat breakfast at marriott. We knew we weren't going to eat lunch so we ate an awesome breakfast. 

 Headed to the bus stop and this Iguana scared me. In TX you see dead deer on the road all the time. In Grand Cayman you see dead Iguanas smushed all over the road. 
 Black Beards Rumcakes. YUMMY! Banana was my favorite!
 Shopping in Georgetown. It is crazy busy when cruiseliners are docked.

 This beautiful, massive house was right across from Smith Beach.
 There are 15 of the Iguana statues on GC. We ran across two of them.
 Thank goodness for sweet people that volunteer to take a pic of us.
Smith Beach

 There are chickens and roosters all over GC

 My poor toes have blisters from all the snorkeling but it doesn't stop me!!!
 My stud
 This man was training his little puppy to rescue. So cute I had to take pic.

 My water camera was 1/2 in the water. It is so clear!!!

Our taxi driver did not show up to pick us up so we had to walk 2 miles to get back to Georgetown to pick up another taxi. It is a good thing that walking doesn't bother me at all in the heat! It was hot! I feel sure I lost weight on the trip between all the snorkeling and walking!!!!
 Pirate ship
 Fresh Fish Market
 Wednesday night we ate all you can eat lobster at our hotel. YUMMY and so darn expensive!!!

 On lobster night this was our dessert. HEAVEN!!!
 This receipt shows that Chris ate 5 lobster entrees. I can say he got his moneys worth. 
 Marriott's courtyard at night time

I think Smith Reef was my favorite because we saw so many beautiful fish. We even say a polka dotted stingray. I loved the beautiful beaches in GC. I am already thinking about my next vacay! Stay tuned for more pics!!!!

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