Sunday, July 28, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We built our house 7 years ago. I decided it was time to make a little change to our bathroom without spending a fortune. I decided I would paint the master bathroom cabinets and I LOVE them!!!! I found some new towels the day before so I decided to pick a paint off the towels. Turquoise it is!!! The color is Provence by Annie Sloan. The great thing about AS is that you do not have to sand before you paint. It is pretty thick so all you have to do is spread. I put 2 coats on. I originally sanded parts of the doors and faces to make it look rustic or shabby chic but the hubby didn't like. So I repainted to sanded areas.

 first coat

 After the second coat of paint I put on the clear soft wax
 I love the color!!!!! This is after a second coat of wax. I waxed it twice since it was in the bathroom and wanted to protect cabinets from the water drips. All I need now is hardware. 
This project only cost me $50. My sister had the wax and brush so all I had to buy was the chalk paint. My next project will be the girls' cabinets and I am looking for a dresser. Have a blessed day!

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