Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Little Bit of Nothing

Spring Break has come and gone. It's back to school on Monday but we are so excited. We go to school three days and then we are flying to Virginia for Chris' graduation and then driving back with him. We are making a vacay out of it. We are so excited to see him.
Kenna made her 25 AR goal

We celebrated Texas Independence the Friday before Spring Break

Chris on one of his weekend trips. He is having a great time on the weekends.

I sent this pic to Chris so he wouldn't forget what I looked like. It's been 19 days since we last saw him. 

Another weekend in DC

KB got to stay with Addi

My kids are awful eaters. I am trying my hardest to reduce their carb intake. Kyli especially loves carbs. Here she is eating carrots.

My babies

Lemonade Stand--Kyli, KB, Nate and Addi had a lemonade stand and also sold brownies and cookies. They made $25. They want to donate it to Pitbull and Parolees. Too funny! Kyli thinks we are going through NOLA on the way home from Virginia just to give them the donation. 

We also made a trip to see my grandparents. They are so stinkin adorable. I am so blessed that I still have them. 

Today it was 82 degrees. To the girls that means its swimming time. CRAZY! It was COLD!
So blessed that we had a week off. We are more excited because it is one day closer to Chris being home. Oh, I also booked a trip to the Grand Cayman Islands. Woo hoo! I gave up on my Bora Bora trip cuz I couldn't stand the thought of spending $10,000. Maybe one day!!!!

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time! Too cute...