Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Loving Life

A cold front has moved into Texas and I'm loving it. I was tired of hot weather. It feels like turkey day now. All these pics are from my phone.
Spoiled rotten dog, Deets
I love when Kenna draws
Girls night at Chili's. We love molten cake
Carley and Kyli
Kenna is quiet the artist
Hmmm... Wonder who she's heard speaking!!!!!
Kenna's Christmas List
I love this shirt from Justice. Can't wait for the girls to wear!!!
My newest perfume!!!! I love it!
Handsome little dude!!!!!
Every day Raider goes to mom and dad's. This is what he does all day...... gets spoiled!!!!
First fire of the season
me and my baby chillin by the fire
Kenna and her Chubs
Kyli making BLTs for dinner last week

On Saturday mom and I ran to Austin and I finished my Christmas shopping for the girls. I even have my two nieces Christmas gifts. We are going skiing over Christmas in Durango. They just got a foot of snow. I am so excited. I love Durango, CO. One of our favorite places to go!!!! We will be there on New Year's Eve. They have a parade and fireworks on the mountain. How cool will that be? I'm trying to decide if I should book a sleigh ride and the Polar Express. We rode the train last time we went but it wasn't Christmas time. Christmas will be here before we know it. I wish is was already turkey week. 
Have a blessed week!


  1. Kenna cracks me up!!!!!! Kyli cooking, she rocks!!! Ray Ray is spoiled!!!

  2. Nothing better than a REAL fireplace!!!!! And Xmas shopping done? You are fab...just started today! Your sweet pup....that pix of him reminds me of the wazzzzzupppp! Commercials from years ago! Ha!