Friday, July 13, 2012


I love being a twin. We are best friends and even though we are 36 years old we still fight. A couple of years ago we went two weeks without talking. Lol! I'm the good twin and she's the evil. Being a twin is totally different than just a sister. We have a tighter bond. We are together all the time. Her kids are basically mine. We buy the same things, start singing songs at the same time (and they aren't even playing on radio), say some of the same things! It's freaky crazy! I'll never forget the time she called and said "you will never guess what I just did!" I said, omg, you did not buy Nate Spider Man shoes did you." she died laughing and said yes! That was so funny! I found some pics and decided to blog them. Everywhere we go people ask if we are twins. When we are together they are amazed how much we look alike. We sound alike on the phone too!
high school- jr. year
Sophomore year
Love the big hair and button fly jeans
5 1/2 years old
Can you guess which is Me(Sandi) and Brandi. Hint...I am on the same side in all three pics. I couldn't even tell which one I was in the 5 year old pic.

I am on the left in all three pics!


  1. it! The younger pix...oh hello Kenna! And what an ugly sweater Brandi! ( think I had the same one!). And your party pad rocks!!!!

  2. Dang, we are cute!! Or, ugh, used to be!!!!!!