Sunday, July 22, 2012

BF 2012 Possum Kingdom Lake-Keeping it Real

I am so blessed to have the greatest friends. This weekend was spent at Amy's Possum Kingdom Lake house bonding with my besties from High School. We can go a year without seeing each other but pick up right were we left off. 
We left around 10:30 Friday morning and got there around 1:30. 

 Amy's hubby was our boat boy. He rocks!

 Day 2
Brandi's(Joe Dirt) "Breakfast of Champions"
Keeping it Real

 Nap time
 Fun in the Sun Time

 We loved the Fun Station

 Boat Time
 Hell's Gate

 Alot of the houses have been rebuilt since the fires last year. I loved the roof on this house.

 When I got home my ring I order from was delivered
 I says Chris, Kyli and kenna on it
It was so good to get away. I am so blessed. Some things to remember...... Buccees, If you wouldn't judge me I would drink a limerita for breakfast, Metroplexen, Mason is way bigger than Ashley........

Have a blessed weekend!!!!!!!!


  1. oh this made me smile!! loved loved loved our time together!

  2. DAng, your friends are hot!!! HAHA!! Thanks for the fab pics of me, I'm the hottest thing ever!!! OINK!!!! BEST BF EVER!!!!!!!! Love me some window unit!!

  3. So fun! I love PK!! Grew up on that lake! The last time we went there, it was so low! Looks like y'all had a blast!