Saturday, May 19, 2012

One Scared Momma

On Kyli's 9th bday she decided to go out in the rain and jump on her pogo stick she just received and jump. Chris and I heard the loudest screaming and crying we have ever heard. It was Kyli laying face down on the concrete slab. She was jumping and the pogo stick slipped out from underneath her and she landed on the back of her head. We knew that it was bad. We loaded her up and drove straight to Burnet ER. She finally settled down before the xray and cat scan so I thought everything was okay. The doctor came in an said that she had a skull fracture. My first thought was Praise God the brain is not bleeding or swelling. She and Chris got to go in an ambulance to Dell's Children Hospital. She was admitted so they could keep a close eye on her. She had a skull fracture (the bone completely broke), bruised head and concussion. 
These pics are out of order: Day 2
Kenna pushing the patient around Dells

 Floyd the lab

 Kyli and Kenna got all sorts of goodies

 Nap time

 When we finally got home on Wednesday Kyli finally got to blow out her candles

 The basketball team made Kyli this sweet card. Kyli is out of bball for a while. boo hoo
Day 1 pics
Kyli's birthday
 Picture right before the accident
 Kyli's feeling good
She's on morphine for the pain and zofran for naseau. Kyli is so proud of her IV
Kenna took such good care of her big sister
 Our family

 Nanis bought her all sorts of goodies

 The Howell family sent Kyli a zebra
 Sissy and the kids came and brought more presents and a cookie cake.
All Kyli cared about was getting cake and cookies for her bday. She couldn't eat anything because she was so naseaus. Finally, that evening she got a cookie.

 My 1st grade team sent Kyli 2 dozen cookies from Tiff's Treats.

Praise God! He is so good! This accident could have been so much worse than what it was. He was definately protecting our precious girl. Kyli is doing good. She is resting a lot! No activities or school for a while. She will go back to the doctor in one month to see how she is doing. My mom has been an awesome care giver so Chris and I could go back to work! I pray that is our last trip to the ER. I was one scared momma!

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