Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Little Bit of Fun

Brandi came in town this weekend and today we had a pool party! It was 90 outside but freezing cold in the water.
 Chris built an outdoor kitchen. He rocks! It turned out great!

 Crawfish Boil at Jay and Carrie's

 Kyli's new mountain bike. Chris got this for her bday. She got it a month early. She is so excited
 I love my baby boy!

 My little man reminds me so much of Spankie. He keeps me company when Chris is traveling.


 Chris and his BFF Deats and my little RayRay
I am so blessed that my hubby is a handy man. He can make and fix anything! Only 6 weeks left of school.  Woo hoo! Today I paid of my Tahoe. I am so excited! Usually, I would turn around and get something new. We have decided that that money would come in handy one day if we just put it directly in our savings. If you haven't listened or read Dave Ramsey books, you need too!
Have a BLESSED week!


  1. Love all the pics!!! Yeah for no car payment!!!

  2. yay for the kitchen! chris does rock! yay for paying off the car!!