Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter at Nanis and Pappys

Easter is one of my favorite holidays but we are always on the go and their is NO time to get anything done on our 3 day weekend. First, camping. Then Easter with Chris' family. Next, my family. Last, church and then DeLeon. See, gone the whole time.
Me & KB
Kyli & Kenna hid eggs for me. I was so excited because there was $16.50 in the eggs. They didn't let me keep it. I was so bummed!

Brandi's not so perfect cake. It was delicious!
Chris' prize egg
Taking pics for Gigi's cupcake contest

The 7 Sharp grandkids

Me & my prize egg. Woo hoo!
Brandi and her prize egg

What a great day with my family! How we love our prize eggs! Oh, and watching the kids hunt too!
Granny was moved to a nursing home. She is doing much better. Hopefully she will be able to go home with Grandpa.
Praise .....Amanda West, my dear friend, had a sweet baby boy. Makes me want another! Only for about a second cuz then I remember ear infections, colic, constant puking and sleepless nights! LOL!
Hadley was finally diagnosed with ADEM. It has been since Feb. 29th since unanswered questions. The last MRI came up with ADEM. Praise GOD! Have a blessed week!


  1. Crazy kids!!! Yes, love our prize eggs!!!!

  2. Aw how sweet! Thanks Sandi. HUGE PRAISE for sure. =)